BACKYARD JAM                                                          

Backyard Jam is a band for all opportunitys.

Many years of experience has made this band to a "must-have-on-the-stage-on-my-party"-band!

It doesn’t matter if You’re having a small gardenparty, big wedding or a large company gettogether with 2000 invited members…….we will rock you!
Backyard Jam has performed in all the Scandinavian countries…..but that is not a limit…Backyard Jam is willing to play in any country around the world….

Backyard Jam made it’s first appearance in the early 90’s and was soon to be a well known coverband.
The musicians have experiences from all kinds of genre’s: Pop, disco, rock…well U name it, we’ll play it! After more than 700 gig’s Backyard Jam knows exactly how to get a party started….

Our goal is to get everybody at your party in a good partymode. To achieve our goal, we have a wide repertoar that pleases (almost) everybody….sometimes we have to dig deep in our repertoar to please old granny…. J

Book Backyard Jam today! You wont regret it!!

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  Hey you, Backyard Jam - you ROCK !

Thank YOU so much for rocking our wedding night - our guests were almost in tears when you stopped playing. And me - as the bride - can honestly say, that I spend the entire 3 hours on the dance floor !!! (instead of talking to my guests ;-))

We wish you a great summer and will always remember your amazing performance !

A big hug and Thank You from

Katja & Kay


Thank you so much for making it a great evening for us all at our Christmas Party. I don't know about my colleagues but I could hardly walk the next day - I loved to dance to your music:D



A typical view from our stage!!